Thursday, January 10, 2013

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I did it again, I filled up all the pictures available for use on this blog :) So it's time for a new one, not to mention the name of our blog, The Hulse Three, is not gonna work anymore! More details to come about the Hulse's latest happenings and the reason for the blog name change in case you don't already know or haven't figured it out yet ;)

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Monday, November 5, 2012


We had a frighteningly good Halloween this year! To start out the festivities we carved pumpkins!

Both McKinley and Travis didn't want to touch the gooey pumpkin insides, so it left me to clean them out by myself. While I was doing it McKinley watched and said, "Eww! Yuck! Gross!" over and over. Then everytime after this that we saw a pumpkin she'd say "Eww! Yuck! Gross!" My little girly girl :) I think she liked the finish projects though, Frankenstein (aka "monster" to McKinley) and a witch!

On the Friday before Halloween, we went to a Halloween party at our YMCA. We had just gotten McKinley's Foofa (a Yo Gabba Gabba character) costume in the mail, but McKinley didn't want to wear it! She really wanted to wear her ballerina outfit, so alas she was a ballerina :)


She had fun jumping in the bounce house, playing all the games and getting treats!

 Then on Saturday night we were invited to a Halloween party at a friend from our ward's house. McKinley decided the Foofa costume wasn't so bad after all and wore it! I wore my Toodee (another Yo Gabba Gabba character) costume that I made, so we were Yo Gabba Gabba characters together! McKinley actually liked her costume and wore it the whole night, even the hat! It was so cute seeing her run around and play in her cute Foofa costume!

We had fun eating yummy Halloween food and treats, chatting with/playing with friends, and playing games. Here is the donut eating contest I won in my heat :) I said after I won I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I won, haha! Travis missed the party because there was a Husker football game that night, the Michigan Game. He had a great time because the Huskers won and it was a fun game to be at!

On actual Halloween night, we started the evening with getting $2 'booritos' from Chiptole for coming in costume! Quite the deal! It was fun to show up in costume, and we even ran into some friends while we were there with the same idea!

We then headed to our ward's Trunk or Treat. McKinley made quite a haul of candy at the Trunk or Treat! There was a ton of cars to trick-or-treat at! McKinley thought it was fun to go around and get all the candy and see all of her friends in their costumes!

After the Trunk-or-Treat we headed over to Brad and Emily's house to trick-or-treat on their street with Mya. Here is our Yo Gabba Gabba family!

McKinley had fun running from house to house and getting candy! She thought it was fun to knock on the doors and ring the doorbells!

We had a wonderful Halloween and came home with quite the stash of candy or "canny" as McKinley calls it! Her favorites of the night were the suckers, tootsie rolls and frooties!

October Happenings

We've had a great October, and we loved all that it brought for our family! We enjoyed the cooler temps by breaking out the warm footed jammies! I love my little girl in cute footed pj's! They're just so comfy, cozy, and cute :)

Even though McKinley is NOT a fan of wearing jackets! I have to make her wear one by telling her we'll go home if she takes it off! I'm a mean Mom, I won't let my daughter freeze :)

We also enjoyed playing outside in the fallen leaves!

 We got ready for Halloween by trying on costumes!


We played with Halloween magnets on the fridge, and made a picture with the fallen leaves from outside!

McKinley's hair keeps getting longer and longer! And it got a little crazy this month, especially her bangs!

So Daddy cut her bangs! He did a good job, and her hair looks much, much better now!

We of course watched lots of Texas and Nebraska football! McKinley knows how to say, "Go 'uckers" (go huskers) and "hook 'em horns!" She also thinks watching football is fun and when she sees it on the TV she says, "Daddy's show!" When she watches football she screams at the TV, "Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!" And she claps and screams and cheers when everyone else does. She's a fun football watching buddy!

McKinley and I had a fun mommy-daughter date and went and got lunch together! She's a fun lunch date :)

We went and checked out the newly renovated Children's Museum! They had a bunch of neat new areas that McKinley loved playing in! Her 2 favorite places to go at the museum are the grocery store to "go shopping!" and the doctor's office to play with the babies! She recently started calling all babies "baby seester" (sister). I'm not quite sure where she got this from, but maybe she's trying to tell us something :)



We've also been enjoying going to story time at the library! I've been taking her off and on since she was about a year old, and just recently has she finally started sitting and listening to the story and singing and doing all the actions to the songs! It's so cute and she loves it! Her favorite part is the bubbles! She always asks to go to the "bibrary"!

 One Saturday afternoon as we were out running errands, McKinley saw a Foofa (a Yo Gabba Gabba character) doll in one of those stuffed animal claw machines that she really wanted! Travis being the expert that he is at those games won it for her in only 2 tries! She was so happy, and said, "Yay, Daddy! Daddy got it! Nice Daddy!"

The funny thing is, the next Saturday when we were out running errands at a different store, McKinley saw a Muno doll (another Yo Gabba Gabba character) in a claw machine. So Travis tried again and in 2 tries he won her the Muno doll too! $2 for 2 Yo Gabba Gabba stuffed animals is not a bad deal! McKinley is lucky to have a Dad that's so good at those games! She loves both her Foofa and Muno dolls and sleeps with them every night! She even wanted Muno to sit by her and watch her show with her one morning.

We had a fun October, of course with all the Halloween festivities to end a great month! That will be in the next post :)